A Background in Necessary Factors of Epoxy Floors

If you are looking at California counter tops, for example, if you’re in California, one of California ‘s best countertop options are natural stone for you. Apart from the low cost and the quick styling upgrade, the California countertops have a wide variety of stone styles and varieties to choose from, so it should be easy to find what you want. If you have children and are concerned about sanitation, especially for kitchens and tables, then that is the more reason to choose countertops for granite. The reason for this is granite ranked among the top materials when it comes to cleaning and sanitation reception, see this.

What does this signify? It means the granite does not as much hold onto germs and bacteria as other surfaces do. This makes granite easier to clean, and safer for the health of you and your family as it is easier and more effective to sanitize granite surfaces. It is according to a research conducted by Engineering and Management Hospitality Institute. What the test did was expose E to various surfaces. Coli bacteria, then clean, and apply a vinegar solution as an antiseptic home-version. Then quantity E. The eliminated coli bacteria would then be counted and recorded to see which surface most of the bacteria removed were reported. Granite, acrylic, stainless steel, concrete, glass, wood, and laminate surfaces examined were.

The result: granite ranked first after a simple cleaning and washing cycle. Which means the granite has the most bacteria extracted from its surface, out of all surfaces. After the vinegar solution was applied, granite just came in second to stainless steel. And what can you get out of that? Which means when it comes to keeping the kitchen and tables clean, one of the best products out there to make it happen will be a granite base. So, if you’re really concerned about your home’s sanitation, particularly in areas where food is prepared and taken, then having stone countertops, particularly granite, should become one of your top choices!

So, apart from the granite and marble charm, there’s another bonus that they’re perfect for sanitation. If you are not sure whether to select granite or marble countertops, then the sanitation capacity of granite should tip the scale in its favour. Although a marble countertop is indeed nice, if you choose granite countertops you can still get that great look, plus an easier surface to clean and sanitize.

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