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What You Should Know About Commercial Vehicle Accidents

From taxi cabs, to small delivery vans, all the way to multi-ton semi trucks, commercial vehicles are all over the roads and, unfortunately, responsible for many of the traffic accidents across the United States. When you are involved in a commercial vehicle accident, there is a high probability that you or anyone in your car will be injured or even killed, because such vehicles are often larger, heavier and more durable than the typical passenger vehicle. Do you want to learn more? Visit Commercial Vehicles offered by Winnie Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram . Partly for that reason, federal and sometimes state regulations have more rigorous requirements for performing these vehicles’ drivers. If you or a loved one were involved in an accident involving a commercial vehicle that you feel was caused by the other party, a consultation with a competent, professional attorney can be the first step in getting the facts and information to help you receive any and all benefits that the law allows in your specific situation.

Any vehicle used during business can be considered a commercial vehicle. All these are commercial vehicles, delivery vans, repair vehicles, trucks for the cable guy, semi-trucks, etc. Much heavier than your average vehicle, sometimes by thousands of pounds, and carrying unstable or even dangerous loads, commercial vehicles can pose a threat if driven by a careless, incompetent, or even sleepy driver. Sadly, truck drivers frequently circumvent or disregard the limitations of laws that have been put in place to limit the amount of time they may spend behind the wheel, although those restrictions are there to protect both the trucker and the other drivers on the road. Whether it’s due to corporate strain, personal reasons, professional culture, or some other cause, this conduct sometimes results in injury or even death of innocent drivers and even commercial vehicle drivers.

It is not only the driver who can bear responsibility for the often catastrophic consequences when these accidents happen. The business for which the driver operates, the insurance company, and parent companies, may be involved in sometimes complex lawsuits surrounding accidents involving commercial vehicles. Because in commercial vehicle collisions, the risk of serious injury and death is so much higher, the minimum insurance requirement for liability, body injury, and property damage is greater than that provided for personal vehicles.

However, that also means, unfortunately, that the rates businesses have to pay are higher, so safety records are very important. For this and other reasons, the company, insurance carrier, driver, or other potentially responsible parties may not be willing to assume liability, even though it seems clear, which can result in protracted negotiation and litigation until you can see the compensation you need to help mitigate the potentially catastrophic costs arising from a commercial vehicle accident. An early consultation with an experienced lawyer will allow you to appreciate your rights from the start and be able to concentrate on healing from an undeniably stressful event, both physical and emotional.

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