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Social Media For Lawyers: The Rise, And Rise Of Blogs

Have you heard other lawyers comment that blogging isn’t an effective strategy to attract clients to your law firm? Others think a website paired, maybe, with successful (or expensive) SEO techniques is all they need to thrive along with their current strategies for networking and referrals.

This post will highlight why this view is not necessarily true, and how lawyers as part of an effective and comprehensive social media strategy can make blogs work brilliantly for them.go to this web-site

Firstly, why are some blogs ineffective altogether?

I will suggest a few reasons, although there may be more loads: there is no real strategy for having a blog in the first place-which is to develop a position of authority within a target niche and distinguish yourself from competitors; there is not enough time to develop a good content strategy for blogs, which means that they are not updated regularly or don’t provide information that prospects are likely to have.

A blog that stands alone with no linkage to other marketing tactics and channels is a waste of time. A forum that merely speaks about the resources on sale or is used to speak in a phrase that might not be heard by users is no good either.

Blogging does not pass its sale by date, and it should not be viewed by serious lawyers as irrelevant to their marketing strategy. If you address each of the above five points, then you are on your way to having a blog that will attract you successfully leads to your legal practice.

Blogs also provide a great forum for reaching opportunities and consumers. Any tools you use to get reviews, be it direct questionnaires or through crowdsourcing channels, you have a chance to produce information that you realize people are actively searching for. That is a basic prerequisite for success.

The other thing to note is that, if you want good search rankings for your blog either, SEO doesn’t have to be expensive. You will start by tailoring the headers and links appropriately if you make sure you evaluate the search terms users use to search for information (e.g. using Google Analytics or StatCounter). This will help with rankings and, more importantly, more people will be linking back to your blog, commenting on what you’re writing or sharing content via other social media channels.

I am not the first person to comment on the value of law firms blogs, or the use of different social media tools to attract clients. Nevertheless, recent discussions that I combined with commentary on the use of blogs have highlighted the fact that there is still a lot of resistance from lawyers to blogging.

I think the main reason is that many believe they don’t have the resources or the expertise needed to set up one and link it to different elements of their web marketing campaign.

Most lawyers continue with “what am I going to write about?” instead of thinking “what details do people want feedback about which I can quickly report or give freely, and which can help them solve their problems?” And find out what knowledge people are seeking. Ask customers, prospects or peers; Only talk about the target market for your blog once you have a clear idea about their information needs. Rather than being a generalist, it is easier to be important to a few who will deliberately pursue you and actually get lost in the massive crowd that already resides on the Web. Of starters, several attorneys may consider that the key to their success is a technique of localisation.

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