Cycling After Drug Scandal- An Overview

One of the areas or sectors in society where drug testing is really a must is in the athletic circles, from the lowest levels up to the professional levels. offers excellent info on this. It is conducted for several reasons, but generally speaking, it aims to identify whether an athlete is abusing drugs or not and if they are, to make sure that they stop abusing them not only for their own good but for their team’s and opponent’s safety and well-being.

Drug testing for athletes has a stricter principle and basis than other types of drug testing. This is because in the sporting world, an athlete being on drugs can really affect his or her performance. It would not be fair to others if an athlete wins largely because he or she is under the influence of drugs that are able to enhance performance in sports. Having an athlete on drugs will disqualify him or her and can possibly put an end to his or her athletic career depending on the gravity of the offense.

The main reasons for drug testing in athletes are the following:

1. To be able to deter and, at the same time, restrict, the use of any type of drugs or illegal substances.

2. To ensure that an atmosphere of fair competition is maintained at all times. This is because an athlete who is under the influence of drugs would tend to perform better than an athlete who is not.

3. To be able to avoid athlete drug abusers from influencing his or her teammates and, at the same time, protect their fans from imitating them. This is to also ensure that the sports industry is kept clean and reputable at all times.

4. To make sure that athletes stay naturally healthy since abusing drugs are hazardous to the health. This would, in turn, help them live a healthy lifestyle that would really be conducive to their being athletes.

As of today, hair follicle drug testing is fast becoming popular as a reliable drug testing method for athletes. This is because it is non-invasive and is applicable to any types of body hair, so even if the athlete is bald, it is still possible to have hair follicle drug testing conducted. Also, it has a window of detection of up to one year or twelve months, unlike the urine test which only has about seventy-two (72) hours. The hair sample drug test can also detect the history of drug usage of an athlete, and a one-time drug test is sufficient to detect everything.

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