Facts About Laser Hair Removal

When I first wanted to go in for the removal of laser hair, I did some research on this topic just to see what I would get into. There was so much material on the topic and the different techniques accessible, and a lot of it is inconsistent, that I spent more time on my work than I intended to. However, in the end I had a fairly good grasp of the subject of hair removal and that’s what I found: in 1997, the FDA approved o Laser hair removal for general use and its popularity has grown over the years. straight from the source is one of the authority sites on this topic. Both men and women now use it to remove hair from just about every and every part of the body. Laser epilation prevents the hassles of rashing, waxing, tweezing or other types of hair removal to use its proper name.

O Laser removal of hair requires the use of a laser to melt the melanin in the skin. It accumulated heat kills the roots of the hair so that the hair does not regrow. Since the laser is so concentrated, there is no radiation that reaches certain areas of the skin so no discomfort or burning is possible.

O Laser hair therapy has almost no side effects, is completely safe. Generally the few that can be anticipated are restricted to a mild swelling and redness of the treated region which feels a bit like sunburn. This usually lasts around 3 hours, and can last for 2 or 3 days at most. Nonetheless, since much depends on skin response, it is important to address potential side effects with a laser expert to insure nothing unexpected happens.

O Because the side effects of laser hair removal are so restricted, no rest or healing time is needed after the treatment has been performed.

O Therapy pain or irritation are unlikely, but if it happens, a painkiller over the counter should take care of it.

O Many clinics and spas that provide laser hair removal state that the removal of hair by laser is typically irreversible when the required number of treatments is complete. Please note however that the FDA is talking about hair reduction and not permanent hair removal. The fact remains that while those who opt for laser hair removal have extremely good outcomes, after a while there is always the risk of recovering a few stray hairs which may need any small additional treatments.

O The amount of time that a laser therapy may take depends on the area to treat. Of eg, it could take up to an hour to have laser performed on the back-more for wider hair areas and less for smaller areas such as underarms.

O Treatment costs vary, but usually laser treatment on one part of the body (e.g. bikini line laser) can cost about $400 to $500 and full body treatment for laser hair removal can cost between $4000 to $5000.

O Laser treatment is a cosmetic process, so insurance does not always cover the costs.

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