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Marijuana, from its early days to its psychedelic era in the sixties, has had a long history. While some states decide to approve the drug for its potential medical use, side effects that are considered to be hazardous and life-altering are still confirmed.I strongly suggest you to visit CBD Cream to learn more about this.

One needs to consider its history and the plant itself to better understand the effects of marijuana. In the mid-fifteen-forties, marijuana was claimed to have been introduced to the New World by the Spanish. Grown as a source of fibre, this plant was highly commercialised in its mere beginnings alongside tobacco.

Hemp replaced cotton very rapidly in the late eighteen hundreds, and marijuana was in some drugs, much like cocaine (in very small percentages). It has been used in cases of nausea, rheumatism and labour pains. Marijuana did not alleviate pain from individuals, but was stated to have diverted them from the fact it contained instead.

Then, the United States declared marijuana as the number one ‘gateway drug’ in the nineteen thirties. Testing began on people who used marijuana for ‘medical reasons’ and/or recreation and continued to use it. More than eighty percent of people surveyed had used marijuana as a gateway substance and had entered into heavy narcotics deals shortly afterwards. After just a few uses of marijuana to begin with, over sixty percent of these people had become addicted to both marijuana and other drugs.

The United States eventually listed the drug marijuana at nineteen seventy alongside other substances such as opium and LSD. By the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, these drugs were also called Schedule I drugs. Of all medications, they were shown to be the most addictive and most abused substances that were known to be in the drug category.

The United States cracked down on marijuana users in the late nineteen eighties-two, sending masses out of their private homes to gaol for sales and development. It was recorded that the largest number of adolescents ever, beginning in middle school, used marijuana in the nineteen nineties. This use of marijuana at such a young age has explicitly affected the drop-out rate of middle school and high school students. In the late nineteen nineties, ten percent of all fatal incidents in the United States were also linked in some way to marijuana.

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