Ways To Sell Your Car

So, it’s time to sell the old wheels!

In today’s techno world, there are so many different ways to sell your car!




-Out in a public parking lot

-Classified Ad



How do you find the method that works best for you?

Some things you need to consider before choosing the method for your car deal are:

-How quickly do you need to sell it?

-Can you be flexible with the price?

-Are you going to replace this vehicle with a new one?

-Do you mind the time you must set aside to meet with possible buyers?

-Are you willing to pay a little to sell your car to avoid some of the hassles?

-Are you knowledgeable about the process of filing all the paperwork necessary?

-Do you want to take the time to detail the car?

-Do you want the trouble of having it inspected?

Selling your vehicle on eBay is an option to get the best price for your car. This is an auction site where you can list the time frame as 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. You must register with eBay. You can list the first 4 cars for free, after that there is $15.00 – $20.00 Listing Fee. If you have a Successful Listing, there will be a fee of $80.00 – $125.00. eBay will contact the bidder with your contact info. It is important to decide how you will exchange the money to assure you are not stuck without the car and without the cash, leaving you high and dry! eBay is not responsible for the exchange of funds! Tony’s Auto Removal

Craigslist or other on-line sites are both options that may suit you! With Craigslist, you can post the car for free. Many other sites offer this service free also, some charge. However, you will need to meet with many people, some who may not actually be serious! Some who will try to “beat you down” on the price. You may waste great amounts of time and get nowhere fast! With either of these choices, again, be careful of the money exchange! You will need to know the process of transferring the title, this may differ from state to state. Contact your local DMV department to assure proper transfer!

Some places will allow you to put a sign in the window and park the car in a heavy traffic area. Here too, you will have to spend time to meet with the people who are interested, some who never show up! Simply be sure the owner of the property gives permission, in writing that you can leave the vehicle there, or your car may be towed and you will have no recourse!

Classified ads carry the same time issues, money exchange concerns, and it will cost you to place the ad in the local newspapers! Be sure you are clear on the time-frame the ad will run and when you need to renew if the car doesn’t sell!

With any of the above listed methods to sell your vehicle there are some clear steps to follow to prepare yourself for the sale of your wheels!

Make a list of the good points of your car, along with a list of the bad points.

Determine the price of your vehicle. You should have 3 prices in mind, one where there is room to negotiate, the price you want and the lowest price you will take. Compare dealer ads, classifieds and use Auto Trader to help you determine the price you want to get.

Get all your service records put together to show the prospective buyers.

Have an inspection done, and ask the inspector to give you a notice of certification that showcases this has been completed and lists the results of their findings.

Detail, detail and detail the car! Wax it, vacuum it and make sure there is no smoke-smell!

Have your title and an added great idea is to have a Release of Liability Form for the buyer to sign

Contact the DMV to assure you have the proper paperwork and process of having the title transferred. If not, you may find yourself responsible for accidents and tickets the new driver may accrue!

Always meet in a public place, don’t meet at your home, you never know who you may be dealing with!

You may want to jump ahead and skip all this who-ha and simply trade the vehicle in! If you are replacing the vehicles simultaneously, this is a great route to take! Just remember that your trade in is the greatest source for the car salesman to pad his pockets, and leave you with less cents!

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