What Does It Take to Be a Specialist?

Phlebotomy is an emerging medical sub specialty dedicated to the diagnosis, management and treatment of vascular diseases of veins. A phlebotomist is a highly trained physician who has had further post graduate training in this specialty to specialistally diagnose, treat and eventually where possible, avoid any type of venous disease whether it be varicose vein’s, blockage disorders, circulatory birthmarks or venous clotting. Have a look at specialist.

Venous disease specialists will conduct various tests which are designed to identify what the underlying cause of your venous problems is. Once diagnosed, they will then perform treatments that can be used to prevent or reduce the progression of the disease. Often times when a specialist has a patient who is experiencing a certain symptom, they may want to perform some more tests to determine if the symptom is indeed related to a venous condition or not. If the symptoms continue to persist, the specialist will order an additional test which is specifically meant to determine the cause of the symptom.

Once the doctor has determined that the cause of the symptom is actually related to the problem at hand, the doctor will then refer the patient to a venous disease specialist. The doctor will perform the tests necessary to confirm the diagnosis and to provide the appropriate treatment. If the symptoms persist despite the treatments and the physician is unable to determine a cause for them, they may wish to refer their patient back to their primary care physician.

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