Working Process Of Norwich Bail Bonds Service

When someone has been arrested, they are usually quick to look for ways in which they can be released when they are waiting for trials. Bail bonds are the most commonly used ways of ensuring that a release of someone from jail is made possible. There is usually a preliminary hearing that usually takes place before the bail is issued which allows the defendant a chance to either plead guilty or otherwise. This is usually done because apart from the judge there is no one else who can set the amount of bail. This means that the preliminary hearing has to take place in order for one to be released on bail.

After the bail is set by the presiding judge the next step will be to pay the amount. This is usually done before the defendant is released from jail so as to ensure that nothing goes wrong. The payment is done in different places depending on the exact place where one lives. There are places that people pay the bond at the clerk of the court and there are those that make the payment directly in jail. There are some other places where the bond is paid at the bondsmen and this is usually better because these bondsmen usually reduce the rate of the bond by a certain amount. The person is usually released out of jail once the bond has been paid and everything is done waiting for the date of the trial.Norwich Bail Bonds Service

When the bond has been paid and the person is set free they are usually in the custody of the person that has paid the bail. This basically means that the person that paid the bond is the one who is responsible for the actions of the individual and they are supposed to make sure that the defendant reports for trial at the most appropriate time. The bond usually is meant for a guarantee that the defendant will appear in court on the trial date and this is why it is usually given. Considering the fact that the bail is usually given back to the person after the trial is over, if the defendant does not show up for the trial the bail amount is lost and a warrant of arrest is also issued for the individual’s arrest.

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