5 Things To Look For When Choosing Staffing Agencies And Recruiters

If you want the best one to deal for, a recruiting agency will be a reliable source for career leads. Before determining which is correct for you, here are five questions to consider. Staffing Agencies offers excellent info on this.

  1. Will the recruiting business specialise in a niche where the talents are used?

Well managed recruiting companies would not want the resources or theirs to be lost. They have to say so if they can’t help you. It would be necessary for success to find a business that effectively places people with your kind of skills. Asking what kind of vacancies they occupy or the sorts of opportunities they have can give you an indication of whether submitting is worth your time.

  1. Does it have a reputation for putting quality talent in the staffing agency? (Hint: By its screening method, you can tell.)

Almost anyone who walks through the door will be ‘hired’ by certain temp services. It’s a sure bet that the staffing agency does not have a reputation for quality work if it’s simply a matter of registering for work. You’re going to suffer from being associated with such a business. It may sound like a big headache to go through a comprehensive screening method, but being affiliated with a well-respected organisation in the long run is in the best interest.

  1. Why is the external talent of the firm treated?

Are you handled with courtesy and reverence when you first make contact? Will anybody have the time with you to have a serious conversation? Or for long stretches of time with no one checking back, are you left on hold? The one who understands your future worth to them and handles you appropriately is the best organisation to partner for.

  1. Is contact honest and opportune?

Act for a recruiter that thoroughly connects. That contact involves clarifying her method and how through her you will promote your own progress. Timely reviews (in both directions) and phone calls that are answered during one business day are not included.

  1. Is an exclusive partnership expected by the recruiter?

An exclusive placement partnership with you would usually not be required by contract or temporary placement pros. They deal for a pool of talent that is constantly finding work.

It’s not uncommon, on the other hand, for an executive headhunter to need an exclusive arrangement. She’s going to want to know where you’ve worked previously and she’s going to want guarantees that you’re not dealing for another recruiter. When you know she prefers to deal for passive (working) candidates, this will sound irrational. In vetting you for a specific opening, the recruiter goes through a lot of time and money and all the work is wasted if the nomination is already in the possession of her client. That being said, a smart recruiter with the proper credentials would not turn her nose up at an active applicant. The bottom line is: consider what you’re walking through.

Two very separate aspects are understanding which recruiting company or recruiter you choose to operate with and becoming a desirable applicant. There are staffing firms that locate workers for work, not positions for persons. The organisation must require you as much as you require them to be a win-win.

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