A Detailed Considernatural hormone replacement

Testosterone is a testicular-produced male hormone, which plays a major role in the development of sexual characteristics. As men age, hormone levels begin to decrease and cause a wide array of symptoms.About my company

Testosterone is very important for the regular maintenance of muscle mass, bone density and maintaining red blood cells at the right level. Additionally, the right hormone level is necessary for men’s normal sexual function and reproductive health. Needless to say, low testosterone hormone levels cause erectile dysfunction and low sexual libido.
Hormone replacement therapy has been shown to enhance the sexual libido and general health.

Testosterone Causes Deficiency

(A) Infection or unintended testicular injury

(B)By radiation or cancer chemotherapy

(C)Dysfunction of the pituitary gland (it is an essential gland that secretes various important hormones)

(D) Liver disorders including liver cirrhosis

(E)Chronic illness and Virus infection

(F) Medications, including hormones and other medicinal products used for cancer treatment

(G)Chromosome extra ‘X’ and genetic abnormalities;

(H) Excess body iron (hemochromatose)

(i)Renal insufficiency


(K) Long time burden

(L) Lung inflammation, and other vital organs


How do I treat menopause in males?

If you encounter any of the above symptoms then finding an experienced medical doctor is a positive thing. He must perform various physical tests to ensure that there is no other underlying cause than a drop in hormone levels. Blood testing is also done to ensure blood testosterone levels and other hormones. If the hormone levels are lower than normal levels then a hormone replacement therapy will be prescribed by the doctor.

Testosterone is the best kind of medication for male menopause sufferers. Hormone therapy is conveniently prescribed in the form of injection. Testosterone injection should not, however, be prescribed for people with heart disease , high blood pressure, breast cancer and liver disorders.

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