An Overview Of Dental Implants

In the US the standard for missing teeth care is to replace the “gap” with dental implants. Typically, the implants are made of titanium and placed in the jaw to aid with a tooth or a few teeth. With the jaw, the titanium implant may osseointegrate. This ensures the bone from the jaw will expand through the sides of the titanium implant, which can render it very stable in durability. Learn more about Revitalize Dental Implants: Dr. Ken Templeton.

During the insertion of a dental implant, extra caution is required to dig through the bone to protect the nerves that are similar to, such as the inferior alveolar nerve. Usually irrigation is used to avoid overheating during the drilling.

The dental implants can replace a single tooth or sustain a complete dental bridge, including supporting a full set of teeth. The most popular types of dental implants are ‘heart’ implants, often called ‘endosteal’ implants. The implant shape resembles the tooth ‘s natural root, and is ideal for those with a deep, healthy jawbone. If a patient lacks sufficient bone to place an implant, a bone graft may be used.

One kind of dental implant that is required where the jaw is thin, so a plate shape implant is inadequate for bone grafting. Conventional surgery is used to place a second stage which is necessary to allow initial healing.

When the patient may not have enough bone for either a root or plate type implant, so the next best choice may be a subperiosteal dental implant. We have a greater risk of loss and a greater expense and that can be taken into consideration. This is a custom implant created from a 3-d rendering from a single CT scan or dental impression.

Mini-dental implants form one of the most current developments. They ‘re smaller versions of implants in root form. Originally, they were used for temporary implants but they morphed into a permanent implant option, especially for those with smaller teeth. They will not bind to bone as well as the bigger models, but will have a long-lasting, reliable solution and are cheaper.

There are occasions where patients may have their dental implants put in a single stage environment as modern procedures advance. Reasons for this change are that certain dental practices have the in-house 3d design facilities and do not outsource anything. Another reason is that the companies are now able to model everything for the same stage placement. So the patient will get all the pre-operation testing completed by 3d modelling, and the implant would be designed and ready to go during the one-stage procedure. To see what’s open, consult with your nearest dental implant professional.

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