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Completing the SS5 Application-Explained

Continuous medical treatment constitutes essential proof of entitlement to disability benefits. If you find yourself in this category, it may be time to fill out a social security application. You can apply for social security if you are at least 61 years and 9 months old (for retirement benefits) or have a medical condition that meets the government’s definition of disability (for disability benefits). In order to qualify for either, you must have been employed in jobs that paid into social security. completing the SS5 application

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Applications for retirement benefits may be filed online through the administration’s website. However, if you are filing for disability, you may have to apply in person at a local office. Many applicants end up seeking assistance from an experienced attorney, as proving a disability can be quite difficult. Continue reading for some common questions on how to get started on your social security application.

What might an attorney charge?

Most firms and attorneys will work your case on a contingency. This means that their fee is contingent on how much your first check is worth. For instance, if you were to receive an initial installment of $3,000, the lawyer may charge you 15% of that. Note that the figures provided are extremely generic, as there are no formalized percentage agreements between attorneys. Be sure to speak with your representative about specific fees prior to signing off on anything.

What might an attorney do that I can’t do on my own?

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In some rare cases, an attorney actually can’t do that much. But generally, they help the applicant understand their rights and what entitlements are due pursuant under the law. Specialized attorneys spend years learning the ins and outs of laws pertaining to disability, under what circumstances those laws apply, and how such laws can be applied to your unique situation.

I’ve been continuously treated for a nagging injury. Does my pending SS payment cover past medical expenses?

This one is tricky because the answer is both yes and no. On the one hand, hopefully your first payment will be enough to cover your past medical expenses related to your condition in full. On the other hand, your first payment may not be enough to cover even a fraction of the cost. But don’t worry! There are a number of alternative ways to take care of this, such as securing free or sliding scale treatments. Speak with your lawyer about the options that are available to you.

Deciding whether or not to fill out a social security application can be a real turning point in someone’s life. There are good lawyers out there who can help. If you find yourself in that situation, contact one immediately to discuss your options and to learn how to apply.

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