Cool Gifts for Boaters – An Update

It’s almost as exciting to equip your boat with boat gear as choosing the boat itself. The first boat outfitting that you need to do is of course with safety equipment. Including obvious safety equipment (such as life jackets), a VHF marine radio is the first electronic protection tool you should get. Fixed mount VHF marine radios provide links to all U.S. and worldwide VHF networks (boat only). Channel 16 should be monitored whenever the communications radio is not being used. Some boaters incorporate a handheld VHF radio as a backup. In case of accidental sinking, they are very useful, because they are waterproof and can be operated with one hand. Your main VHF radio should be considered an essential boat equipment You probably know how hand-held GPS devices are for your vehicle, and they are just as effective on the sea. You might well come to think of your marine GPS as an important device for warships. Many systems record waypoints to get you as easily as possible back to where you started. Many GPS devices come with built in on-board fish finders, rendering them doubly useful. A particularly nice thing you might want to purchase as a present to a fishing enthusiast is a wristwatch / fish finder hybrid. These are as cheap as USD 100 and shut down the sonar system completely once you are out of the sea. And yes they’re waterproof!Want to learn more about cool gifts for boaters

The outriggers and rod holders are great ideas for boat outfitting, whether clamp-on or flush mounted, to make fishing all the more efficient. Downriggers are eligible for fishing either on their own or in tandem with fisher finders. These come at different prices, and they have many different capacities included. This is the kind of gear which makes fishing even more pleasurable.
And of course, if you are going to be trolling, you need a trolling engine and it’s essential to choose the right trolling engine. Whether you’re fishing in saltwater, or fresh water, or both, will depend. Even if you only go fishing part of the time in saltwater, you need a saltwater-friendly trolling motor. Also, the type of boat that you have will help determine the best trolling engine, whether it is a pontoon boat, canoe or Jon Boat, as will your typical fishing conditions, such as fishing in windy conditions or trolling against a current.
There are a variety of entertainment devices that may not be essential gear for boats but should make boating even more enjoyable. There are marine MP3 hookup gadgets to take your favorite tunes with you, and there are satellite receivers to watch television, as well as video / audio systems combined.
And while electrical equipment may not be as exciting as a marine DVD player, it’s the boat gear which makes your boating experience much more enjoyable. Circuit breakers, electrical connections and marine-friendly electrical panels are part of equipping your boat with the equipment you need to keep safe, catch fish and have lots of fun.

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