English Dermatology Gilbert – An Overview

The gram-positive organism Propionibacterium acnes lives in the skin in pilosebacous glans. P. acnes is an acne source coupled with excessive follicle keratinization, contributing to plugging and development of sebaceous oil and hormones. Check English Dermatology Gilbert.

In the pilosebaceous follicles pyrene Acnes develops the porphyrins, mostly coproporphyrin III, which are possible photodynamic therapy goals. Clear, 405-420 nm, blue and red, 570-670 nm wavelines indicated that porphyrins induce the release of the single-single oxygen that killed P. acnes. For mild to severe acne, this medication may be effective. There are no adverse effects, bacterial tolerance and downtime are impossible. Blue or red light can be used for nearly 3 months once or twice a week for 20 minutes. Maintenance may be done when appropriate.

Further porphyrines are produced to further decrease P. acnes by applying a photosensitizing medication such as Levulan or Metvix in mild to extreme acne. Such medicines also decrease sebaceous glands, decrease sebum output, and increase epidermal cell turnover by reducing the follicle.

My technicians normally conduct the photodynamic treatment in my workplace. I decide how long the medicine can last on the skin and how long the individual will be subjected to the sun. Acetone is vigorously scrubbed on the hands, photosensitivizing is used and left for 1 on 3 hours. Then the patient sits in a tiny space with a soft light, and will watch, read or hear music. We use a blue light while Levulan is used. Usually 10 to 14 minutes in front of the blue light was wearing reflective eyewear. The skin is then cleaned and you add a sunscreen. If Metvix is used, the medication is cleaned off and subjected to the red light for 10 minutes until treatment. Then the sunscreen is used.

Whatever the medication, it is advised that 5 treatments be used, three weeks apart. For the first 36 hours, patients must prevent sun exposure because the medication will begin to interact with light and induce a greater than desired reaction. Redness, peeling and crusting lasting around 3 to 5 days are the normal adverse consequences. Using an oil- free moisturizer and sunscreen to scrub patitents with a gentle cleaning agent.

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