Getting a Good DUI Lawyer

If you are pulled over by a police officer and accused of driving under the influence, you need a DUI lawyer. Unlike other offences, a person may be arrested by the police on nothing more than suspicion of drunk driving. While police officers attempt to gather information, they do not always have the training they need to do so. Most officers do not know how field sobriety or breathalyser tests should be performed. In a court of law, their conclusions do not always hold up. Have a look at San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney.

A successful DUI lawyer has the requisite sobriety test experience, and knows how to interpret the outcomes. This allows him or her to protect you against an untrained police officer’s erroneous allegations. Knowing how to conduct those tests shows the prosecutor the terms of your detention. The fallibility of blood alcohol content ( BAC) tests should also be recognised by a DUI attorney. Hours after the arrest, the police also administer these checks. The amount of alcohol in the blood is higher an hour after drinking than ten minutes after drinking. Thus, while the drinker is no longer intoxicated, he or she could be erroneously registered as drunk by the BAC examination.

You might erroneously conclude that the court’s proof against you is airtight without a good DUI attorney. Even if they know they have not been drunk when driving, people sometimes believe this. Visit to find a suitable DUI lawyer who has the expertise, ability , and knowledge to challenge the charges against you. This site has a directory, organised by state and county, of eligible lawyers.

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