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Couples massage is an all inclusive service in the massage parlor where two individuals are massaged by two different practitioners, each with their own special style of massage. The couple may be a boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, lesbian couples, same sex partners, mothers, and fathers, or even best friends. The service can also be for two kids or one adult and one child. In some cases a single adult and one child may be the couple’s choice. The reason why couples massage is so popular is because it is very flexible in terms of the number of partners that are present during the massage session. Most people find that they have more fun and enjoy the experience when they feel as though there are multiple individuals performing the massage. The couple or partners are not only involved in the massage process, but they can watch television, do other things, chat, etc. Do you want to learn more? Visit Atlanta Couples Massage.

Atlanta Couples MassageMany people think that massage is something that is only limited to males or only done in the massage parlor. However, women do receive regular massages at spas as well. The reason why men and women receive massage therapy at the spa is because they receive massage therapy at their homes. It is common practice for women to receive massage therapy from female masseuses that are male. This is because men have more sensitive muscles and skin in the area that is being treated. Most people have a preference of which gender they prefer to receive their massage therapy from and the choice generally falls on gender preference. For example, most women prefer to receive their massage therapy from female masseuses whereas men prefer to receive their massage therapy from male masseuses.

Couples massage can provide the ultimate in relaxation and enjoyment. It also provides the ultimate in luxury. The service is available on a scheduled or semi-scheduled basis. Scheduling is usually at least once a week, if not more often. Semi-scheduling is generally less than once a month but can last up to a month depending on the relationship of the two parties.

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