Summary about Nobody Plans for Death but Maybe People Should

Is preparing for death a good thing or is it bad luck? Is there even a need for me to prepare for my death? This is my death letter’s evolution and my top 3 reasons why you should consider one, too. offers excellent info on this.

I read a really interesting article about writing a death letter for your children a few years ago, at a time when I had a son on the way. The article referred to a letter of death as a letter containing some important data, such as financial information, contact information, SSN, passwords, and your estate plan’s location. “I was quite put off by the thought of writing a” death note “when I read the post. I realised that some soldiers were not going to write them out of fear of bad luck, and I was unnerved by the same notion-that I would write and worry about my death somehow.

Over time, watching my son grow from a tiny helpless child to a toddler who never ceased to amaze me; with a nagging sense of dread, I would catch myself thinking about that post. I began to think that I was giving myself more bad luck by avoiding the topic all together than if I had put together a kind of death letter as the article had suggested. For my baby, my thoughts turned to the repercussions if I left him with too many specifics that were not ironed out.

I didn’t have a clue where to start, so I began researching the subject on the internet and then returned to the post. I made the decision to speak to an attorney who worked in this area.In trying to prepare for death, here are the first steps I took:Called an estate lawyer, with medical directives included, I decided to find out what my choices were and prepare my estate. Looking for a lawyer via the American Bar Association is a smart idea and then searching for feedback or checking with friends. While a will is important, there are other ways of setting up your financial assets that will provide better security for your family.

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