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About Axe Throwing Target

The axe throwing game is a common activity, growing its success day by day.

This is usually practiced in the American and Canadian clubs.

To the pleasant lovers it is a easy game; you will appreciate the game while holding the bear’s mug.If you’re looking for more tips, Twisted Axes Throw House has it for you.

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Getting the extra pleasure is usually enjoyed in the clubs or pubs.

It’s a simple game with no stringent rules and the appropriate uniform.

There are coaches willing to direct the teams in the leagues, you must have the right intention to play this football.

Within a few hours you can know about the game and the kids will play this game under the guidance of their parents or guardians.

You may play this game in your homes; with the wooden goal and hammer, you just need the proper room.

Except in the parties or family events, axe throwing game is common.

Many different types of axes are used for axe throwing game.

There are leagues and clubs that are operating around the globe to encourage this game.

We have created a guideline to determine the goal sizes for axe throwing game.


The target size is heavily dependent upon the area’s availability.

The key aspect in this game is the gap from the point of axe throwing to the goal.

The normal clubs and bars have the ready-made targets they can purchase from the sports shop, and the target size is the standard.

Some of them made their own targets depending on the wood available and the size of the play area.

This can be performed in pubs and bars only for pleasure, they ‘re not the elite pubs they only have in their clubs as the basis of the entertainment.

Their only goal is to attract the number of people, with the axe throwing game the people can enjoy their food and drinks.

How high is an Axe Throwing Target (Size)?

By default size

The target size is 36 “in the radius.

This includes the five rings; their colours may be red, black and blue or they can have a plain red or black colour.

The rings in the wide side have the four inch gap.

The innermost and the middle ring are smaller in size but have the largest numbers, they include the five marks.

This is the game for the eye of the bull, the player must land on the eye of the bull in order to meet the top ratings.

The colors of the rings can shift but the symbols should remain the same.

The distance from the target to the point of throw must be 6.1 meters, or at least 21 feet.

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