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Know the realities about Dog Photography

While photography of dogs does not require costly equipment or a camera, it is not easy. It’s very demanding to get your dog to sit pretty or pose for a picture because dogs don’t take orders very well.

Regardless of the obvious obstacles, it might turn out to be a good time to take time to catch a near perfect moment with your dog in a great picture. A simple disposable camera and equipment will do just fine, even if you are new to dog photography. Being truthful about what your motives are is crucial. For both of you, taking pictures of your dog is supposed to be fun. If you plan to take lots of flattering photographs all the time while protecting your photographic eye, a digital camera can come in handy.I strongly suggest you to visit Dog Photography to learn more about this.

You need to determine what sort of camera would fit best for you and your dog beforehand. When photographing your dog, consider using ISO 400, particularly in low light situations. If you’re using a conventional movie camera, spend a little time thinking about the movie. For external shots on sunny days, ISO 200 is very fine.

Be prepared to go at any moment, since dogs are unpredictable and switch about very unpredictably. In order to take better shots, take advantage of spontaneous moments with your dog.

Make sure that your digital camera memory card has enough space or that you have a spare film roll nearby.

Charge your camera batteries completely and set the shutter speed of the camera to at least 1/125th of a second, if possible, to help catch any spontaneous moment. To ensure they are relaxed and less distracted, be prepared for something, travel quietly, and familiarise your dog with the camera.

Try using natural light if you are an amateur photographer. Switch off the camera’s flash or add some brightness to your chosen setting to remedy the ‘Red Eye’ in your dog portraits. Dog photographs are also vulnerable to the ‘blue eye’ problem. Try to remove the flash and position it out of your dog’s direct line, or angle your dog’s gaze slightly away from the camera in a different direction.

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