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Becoming A Licensed Electrician

In order to be considered an experienced licensed electrician in your state, you must first complete an electrician licensing examination. An examination is a mandatory prerequisite to being eligible to take the electrician licensing exam. The National Electrical Code (NEC), commonly known as the Code, contains all of the electrical codes for homes and businesses throughout the country. If you are considering a career change, it is very important to know that electrical code requirements must be followed by your employer. If you work with electricity and have ever been caught violating a code, your license may be revoked. Many states and jurisdictions also prohibit their residents from working as an electrician in other states, so if you intend to work overseas and you will need to obtain a license to operate as an electrician in that state. Have a look at New York Licensed Electrician to get more info on this.

When an electrician completes the licensing exam, they will receive a Certificate of Electrician Practice (CPE) upon successful completion. The certificate is the electrician’s proof of education and training that they have successfully passed their licensing exam, and the electrician is allowed to practice as an electrician anywhere in the country that they choose. Electricians that have graduated from an approved accredited school (such as an apprenticeship program with a reputable electric company) generally earn a higher salary, making up to $82,000 annually. Your potential annual income as an experienced licensed electrician is based on the state in which you live, whether you work alone or for a larger firm, and the length of time you have been in the field of electrician work.

Electrician licensing is not regulated by state laws like many other professions. This makes it important to do your research before you decide to become an electrician. Many states require an electrician to have had a license for two years, which will allow them to perform all types of electrician services. If you want to be certified, you must be a licensed electrician, and if you are not a licensed electrician, you will need to take an elective course that will provide information on the basics of electrical code and practice.

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