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How To Replace Heating Element

Like for every other unit, every now and then, impulse sealers need maintenance. Although these devices tend to need fewer maintenance than most, the most important item that needs to be accomplished is to remove the heating element so that you can start to have clean , crisp seals on your poly pack. click site

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When are you supposed to replace heating element? You ‘re typically going to feel the way your bags should be sealing and you’re going to know that something doesn’t work as well as it should. Instead of having a good seal the bags can burn through. And you just won’t get a seal at all. Both are both fairly strong indicators of its time to remove the factor of fire.

You’ve got 2 choices. You should give it to the location from which you bought it, and make them remove it. It will cost around $20 in net freight to bring it back and forth, and $25 or so in labor, along with the $20 to $40 in pieces depending on how large the sealer is.

The other choice is to install it on your own and fortunately that is a very easy procedure for you. The first thing you need is a kit with heating element. This should consist of teflon film, with an eyelet heating wire connected at both sides. Take these easy measures until you have got that:

  1. There are two metal plates which hold the old teflon film. Each plate has two screws inside. Screw one of the plates fully off and remove it. Loosen the other plate enough to clear the outdated Teflon sheet.
  2. Now that the tape is gone, the screw which keeps the far end of the heating element in position may need to be gone. Just take the wire off its tensioning unit after removing the screw.
  3. Next position the fresh wire over the tensioning tool and then firmly screw the other end but don’t push.
  4. Take the fresh teflon tape, slip one end under the plate you loosened, pull the tape over the sealer, push down a tiny bit so it can adhere and screw back on the plate you cut to tie the other end of the teflon tape flat.
  5. Turn on your pulse sealer now, seal it once to test it out.

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