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Miami IV Vitamin Therapy- A Closer Look

In comparison to specific IV vitamin treatments, the Myers Cocktail has been widely used to combat multiple illnesses, as an immune system aid and as part of a normal treatment routine. Learn more by visiting Miami IV Vitamin Therapy.

Established by Dr John Myers, M.D., in the 1970s. The Myers Cocktail at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore includes vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, calcium and all the water-diluted vitamins B.

Taking vitamins intravenously immediately injects vital vitamins and nutrients into the blood stream, bypassing the digestive system and allowing for accelerated absorption. Perhaps the gut is still inflamed when a person’s body gets sick or is ill which renders oral absorption harder and less efficient. Vitamin IVs allow effective and rapid absorption while boosting energy and moisturizing the body. Intravenous nutrient administration often requires the entry of a much higher concentration in the body than can be done orally.

People continue to get sick during the winter months, and require a boost to the immune system. Such vitamin treatment only offers them the help they need to avoid or cure illness, or for general wellness.

Benefits with IV Chronic Fatigue Vitamin Therapy and Adrenal Exhaustion-Patients suffering from fatigue, chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue often also suffer from a food and vitamin deficit. IV vitamin therapy returns essential vitamins and nutrients to the body, increasing vitality and restoring enzyme processes.

Cancer-research suggests a large dose of vitamin C has a negative effect on the development of cancer cells. Vitamin C administered intravenously provides greater levels of vitamin C and other nutrients to the body than would be the case if consumed by mouth. High vitamin C levels help boost the immune system by increasing lymphatic development and avoiding free radical damage to cells. Vitamin C also allows people to handle chemotherapy well by reducing the radiation risk while lessening the drug’s cancer destroying effects.

Autoimmune disorders-The minerals and nutrients contained in IV vitamin therapy help to reduce body inflammation. In treating specific autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Sjorgren’s syndrome, and scleroderma, vitamin therapy may be highly effective.

Migraines-Migraine symptoms are often associated with poor bowel function, which causes poor mineral and vitamin absorption in the body through the digestive system. When administering the supplements intravenously, this problem is solved when bypassing the digestive system by bringing the minerals into the bloodstream. The strong concentration of magnesium present in the drink tends to reduce migraine frequency and severity. Magnesium relaxes muscle contraction and dilates blood vessels, offering significant relief from migraines.

The detoxification-IV vitamin therapy is used during detoxification as a dietary service. If people are on a detox diet, they sometimes restrict their intake of food and thus can not get nutrients into the bloodstream. Not only does a vitamin IV bring essential nutrients into the bloodstream, it also allows the liver to rid of the contaminants.

For Competitors-Many competitors have discovered the benefit of using IV vitamin therapy as an energy boost for preparation leading up to a large game or case. This drives the body to optimal performance, full of highly enriched nutrients.

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