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Valleys have leak barriers built underneath them, as stated in the Leak Barrier section. While some building codes do not require the installation of such a leak shield, we suggest installing one in each valley at all times.A word of caution: In a style known as ‘closed’, many roofing contractors build valleys. In comparison to a ‘open’ valley that has sheet metal running from top to bottom, a closed valley consists of shingles woven within the valley. Both the ‘open’ and the ‘closed’ installation style are appropriate by most building codes and by most manufacturers, but the ‘open’ installation style has consistently carried out the ‘closed’ style… and costs almost the same installation price. Ask your Roofing Contractor to use the ‘open’ installation style for your roofs valleys, this could save you from prematurely having to rebuild your roof system and in the long term will also prevent headaches. A ‘free’ valley with a 30-gauge sheet metal, 4 ‘wide, coming in 10’ sheets, is usually built. To fit the shingles on your roof scheme, this metal can be ordered in any colour.Feel free to visit their website at Lafayette Roofing for more details.

As a “second layer” of security for your roof deck, think of a leak shield. If you like, a contingency plan, and even a moisture security build-up. Due to the danger these areas pose for leaks, ice build-up, shingle erosion and water back flow, leak barriers are almost always mounted on top of the Drip Edge and Rake Edge metal along eaves trough areas, gable regions and valleys.

You will note how ice and snow are piling up along the length of your eave’s troughs and within the roof valleys if you have ever looked at your roof during winter. As with the Rake Edge and Drip Edge, some building codes require the installation of leak barriers and some building codes do not.

There are leak barriers built on nearly all roofs in Calgary, Alberta, and many different types of leak barriers are available on the market today, each providing a different level of durability, functionality and warranty and manufactured by many different suppliers.

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