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Details About Moon Cakes

The eighth mid-lunar Chinese moon represents the Moon’s birthday and is considered to be the only night of the year that the moon is completely small. Special moon-viewing parties are held at the time of the Moon Festival, with lots of wine and feasts, and poems composed to the moon. Moon cakes are typically wrapped in four-caked bags, and are a common present from one family to another.Check out for more info.

The explanation why moon cakes are so important dates back to the 14th century when the Mongol invaders conquered China, who controlled the world cruelly and oppressively. The household women had come up with a creative means of planning an insurrection. They inserted messages in the filling of the moon cakes given and received during the Moon Festival, conveying hidden orders to patriots who might be dependent on joining in the battle which ended in war and liberation.

Moon cakes are not easy to make as they need to be shaped with special, elaborately carved wooden mounds. The filling made from solid lotus seed paste is unpalatable to most Westerners, particularly with the salted egg yolk in its middle. Consider making moon cakes with a filling of preserved melon and melon seeds where appropriate. This is irresistible to anyone with a sweet tooth, especially when cut into thin wedges and nibbled while drinking clear, fragrant Chinese tea.

It is the packaging of moon cakes that makes them appealing, typically square red and gold tins written on them with Chinese characters and motifs, and comprising four individually packaged sweets. The pastry should be quite rich for the committed chef, and ideally produced with at least a proportion of lard. Some common fillings are sweetened lotus seed paste or candied fruits.

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