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SEO Link Building Tips And Techniques

Research conducted by a few independent SEO firms has reported that although PageRank is not transmitted through “nofollow” links, overall rankings are positively influenced by nofollow links. I’m going to tackle this topic and explore the study in detail in a forthcoming article, but in the meantime I want to make it clear that some of the link building tips I’m going to be covering involve creating ties from places that “nofollow” their outbound ties and I believe that is a non-problem. I assume that is because Google based the whole system around the assumption that back ties is the most significant consideration in rankings. I don’t think Google meant the “nofollow” tag to be used as commonly as it actually is because they will never encourage millions of webmasters to destroy all the effort they put into their algorithm by marking any outbound connection on their website as “nofollow.” Google may claim that nofollow links have no effect on rankings, but I really don’t believe them based on research I’ve seen and basic co-workers. Google tends to claim, in our view, that “nofollow” links should not influence rankings and hold their intended goals of the “nofollow” term, spammers, in check, but in fact they encourage “nofollow” links to have at least some positive impact on rankings.see post now.

Link Building Tip 1: Blogging is the simplest and most successful way to obtain ties back. Blogging can not only lead to back links, but it’s also a way to regularly add content to your website, and we all know Google likes sites that regularly add quality material.

The trick to winning back connections by blogging is to make sure that you write regarding subjects that are either specifically relevant to your company or experience, or that provide your followers with valuable knowledge. The next thing to do once you’ve discovered your blogging niche is to build an RSS feed and send your site URL and RSS feed to as many web directories as you can locate. I have customers that earn hundreds of back-links per month simply by blogging regularly. I consider posting at least once a month but it’s even easier once a week.

Link Building Tip 2: News Releases Press releases are a perfect way for organizations to bring connections back to their websites. There are several free press release delivery platforms out there to post the articles, but utilizing a paid tool like PRWeb will contribute to hundreds of back ties from only one press release from major news organizations. Making press releases a daily part of the connection building strategy over the course of the year will result in thousands of high back links.

Reference Building Tip 3: Article Marketing Article Marketing has been pronounced dead as a SEO and several times related the construction strategy and it is still alive and running. Thanks to Google’s latest algorithm upgrade launched on April 25th, rumours about its death are again swirling about in cyber space. I’m not going to believe the article marketing is dead until I see it through my own eyes. Sure, after Google’s Panda was launched, several article pages, such as Ezine Articles, made a drop in the charts, but the results were not catastrophic and Ezine has since taken action to make sure that the posts written to their platform are of higher quality going forward.

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