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How to Install Steel Wooden Armored Doors In Novara

Door is to protect family security guards in family life, and now customers are increasingly concerned about the door, armor doors, defense door items, well surrounded by the protection of a family, especially good quality armored doors, buy a good armored door, but also learn how to install wooden armored doors correctly!

Followed by rapid economic growth, people’s living standards are rising, people’s awareness about when to purchase doors, decoration is gradually increasing, particularly seriously in the service. For fine wood armored door transportation from factory packaging to the owners side of the follow-up installation, is also an important part of the wood armored door and frame installation process is how to do it 1, preparation tools: hammer, ruler, wood (brick), blocks, ropes, pencils, door frames, special robust connectors.Learn more about this at Armored Doors In Novara.

2, Plain powder gray: woodenbricks pre-installation when the old powder or lime has to be plain, leaving the original brick walls or concrete walls.

3, Variation of: a cover plate placed on the ground, fixed with a dedicated attachment, and then pull the correct size of the vertical line, side by side angle bracket triangulation.

4, Vertical cover board: the board should be placed inside the wooden bricks at the wall before the Legislative cap and the cover plate should be covered with special glue, then the openings should be covered with plate and the correct position and vertical position.

5, Placed on wooden tiles: wooden tiles covered with a special plastic pad cover plate and the location of the stone, with a tiny nail on wooden brick and hat.

6, Door line installation: after curing of foam plastic (usually 2-3 hours), removed tripod cap plate, real door line blanking cap groove filled with a special adhesive, after door edge and Door panels are small in size and set. (Eg, door lines and loose grooves at the door line to Pusey close inside the wood) 7, mount the doors.

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