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Types Of Mattresses – Which One Is Best For Your Home?

Before, only materials such as feathers and straw, materials which come directly from nature, were used to make mattresses. Today, every mattress firm is seeking ways to use other materials to create inventions and introduce new features that have never been seen before.I strongly suggest you visit Mattress to learn more about this.

Now modern technology has come up with several types of mattresses from basic mattresses that were dropped on the floor, each of which boasts its own functionality and benefits. Sure, these new styles of mattresses abound in so many advantages but the question is what suits your lifestyle? What sort of mattress suits your home best?

The key types of mattresses available on the market today are as follows. Read their definition and determine which is the best among them for you.

  1. Innerspring mattress Innerspring mattress has long dominated the market for mattresses. Before, these mattresses were considered the norm in the choice of mattresses for our homes. An innerspring mattress is easily distinguished, as it uses supporting springs or wire coils.

Before, the prevailing notion was that the greater the support it has the more coils within the mattress are. We have realized today that the number of coils may not be as critical as that. Then again, the modern technology has allowed manufacturers to use heavier wire to put reinforced coils that are much stronger than those our parents had.

Now usually mattresses come with 300-800 coils. Of course, a bed with 800 coils is considered strong and sturdy, but there are many mattresses that come with half their number, around 400, which have the same strength and support capacity as 800-coil mattresses.

There are two types of spring mattress common to them: open spring and pocket spring. Open spring mattresses, the most common in the world, are fitted with a border wire that holds the edge of the mattress firm and helps maintain its shape. The sides are usually machine- stitched. On the other side, Pocket spring mattresses have appeared even more recently than their counterpart. Individual springs are put separately into fabric pockets that allow them to evenly spread the weight of the sleeper. It is good for couples who want to sleep without being disturbed by the movements of their partner.

  1. Foam mattress Foam mattresses are much newer than the coil mattress. A memory foam mattress is distinguished by its ability to fit in the sleeper shape, giving the sleeper a feeling of melting in his / her bed. The sleeper’s shape and contour will be maintained in bed even after the person gets up for a while.

The use of a memory foam can allow you to fairly spread your weight and pressure points, while reducing strain or stress on your body’s heavy areas. This gives your body excellent support which guarantees you a good sleep. Your mobility will not be limited, because memory foam moulds and then re-molds according to your contour as well as your mobility.

Visco-elastic mattress is also called memory foam mattress. Sleeping on this form of mattress can help increase your blood circulation and help you maintain your body posture right. However, some people say that when you’re using memory foam, you can rotate the mattress regularly so that pressure is distributed equally over all its sides.

  1. Air mattress beds use air mattresses essentially follow the same concept as an innerspring mattress. Air is used instead of wire coils to bring support up to the bed. Air mattresses are usually considered to be high-end mattresses and are customizable. The amount of air inside the mattress can be changed to match the sleeper’s preference for how firm he / she wants the bed to be.

Air mattresses are often said to be very effective in relieving body pressure which is why this is the favored form of mattress in hospitals and health clinics. What is different between air beds and those using innerspring or foam is that air beds not only absorb the sleeper’s weight, but also displace the weight, which gives the sleeper a very loose, floating feel.

The price of an air mattress is not so high nowadays as opposed to its quality when it first came out on the market. Until that, only a few companies produced and marketed air mattresses but now that they have become well known and used, air mattresses have become a staple of mattress companies.

  1. Latex mattress Latex mattresses have been around for quite a long time but have recently regained popularity. Technically, a vinyl mattress has the same values as a Memory foam mattress. However, what makes it different is that unlike memory foam, it gets faster back to its original form after it moulds according to the contours of the sleeper.

Offering the same protection and longevity as the memory foam, many people argue that the latter beats its better flexibility because it enables freer movements for the sleepers. Compared to the memory foam, it is also more breathable and does not store in heat which gives the user a better sleep.

As of now, talalay latex is the best kind of polymer available on the market. Large mattress companies have made talalay latex their norm when producing latex mattresses due to its toughness and hypoallergenic characteristics.

  1. Cold mattress The cold mattress, lastly. Water mattresses had seen their height in success in our parents ‘youth, or around the 1970s. Nonetheless, from the time it first came out, few companies still sell water beds with frequent changes and improvements.

Air mattresses follow exactly the same philosophy as innerspring and air mattresses. Instead of wire coil or spring, a water mattress uses liquid to give it support and strength and retain its form. Because of the upgrades allowed by modern technology, most water mattresses nowadays closely resemble the strength and durability of innerspring mattresses.

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