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Finding a Wedding Caterer

Then choosing a wedding caterer for your wedding reception may rank even higher than finding the perfect dress to wear down the aisle if you are a food lover. Sometimes, a job that ends up being assigned to the groom is to find a wedding caterer. Men may not be as interested in the flowers and colour scheme as they are, but they are definitely interested in the food served at their wedding. Regardless of who is responsible for choosing a caterer for a wedding, here are some ideas to make the job a little easier. Visit us for great deals in David’s BBQ-BBQ Restaurant
Next, start with friends who have gotten married recently. You may recall a specific wedding that you went to that had very excellent food. Start by telling your friends that you are working to find a wedding caterer and ask the bride and groom for the name of their caterer who had the fabulous food. Then ask all your newly married friends if the caterer they worked with will be recommended. You’re probably going to hear some horror storeys about raw chicken kabobs and raw chicken kabobs.
Caterer who turned up with a skeleton team late, but you’ll also learn from caterers who have done excellent jobs and have been a joy to deal with, and you’re going to be well on your way to finding a wedding caterer.
It is probably fairly clear that the next step to finding a wedding caterer is to contact the suggested caterers and ask them to arrange a meeting to get some more details or ask them some questions over the phone. If they have a minimum food cost, and what their average rates are per person, you may want to inquire. Prices differ according to what is served, of course, but this will give you a general idea of whether they will fit into the budget for the wedding. If you have some unique favourite foods, ask if those foods are going to be made. Ask how many times before the wedding they normally meet with a client. Ask if you can have three past clients’ names and numbers. And if all the previous answers sound fine to you, ask for a tasting date to be set.
Possibly, a tasting is the best part of choosing a wedding caterer. For you, a tasting is an opportunity to sample the food traditionally served at weddings by the catered one. If your event is in a hotel and you are expected to use the caterers at that location, note that you are not likely to try all the choices you are going to choose from at your tasting, but you will try just a few dishes to give you a sense of the quality of the food served. Other caterers will, however, encourage you to try all of the food choices they can make for your wedding, so be sure to arrive hungry in that case!

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